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Website Evaluation of Select Pharma Industries: An Evaluation

Ansari Shaheen Nisar


Technology has expanded the range and ease of information access at the expense of personal contact. The implications for libraries are substantial: a need to more clearly identify groups of users and their different needs. One way of attempting to meet such needs, and one of the most important new elements in the electronic library environment, is the website. Simultaneously, the need for evaluation is felt very keenly in libraries. In times of rapid and profound societal and technological change, evaluation is essential to preserving the viability and the visibility of libraries. This article describes how top ranking Pharma Industries perform, show their information strength. Therefore, their websites are evaluated to indirectly know the emphasis on information. This study has outlined the major aims and methods of select Pharmaceutical Industries websites. It has explored the criteria by which library websites are evaluated and the measures used to assess those criteria. Generally for evaluating websites there are many criteria available in literature. However, certain special criteria depending on the nature of subject and type of organization were found out for evaluation.

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