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A Study on Health Information Needs among the Self Help Group's women

M. Selvi, S. Dhanavandan


This study is aimed to examine the Health Information Needs of the Women in Self Help Groups. The Interview – schedule method was adopted for data collection This study examines the demographic characteristics of the respondents, purpose of Information need, types of information’s needed and the channels of communication for the respondents. The highest number of respondents 67 (42.94%) were in the category of 30-40. 32(20.51%) were for the purpose of awareness about the epidemic /chronic diseases. 27(17.3%) respondents were needed for diseases information/diagnosis and treatment. The highest number of respondents were 32(20.51%) used Television/Radio as a communication channel because the middle and the low income peoples only entertainment is watching Television and Listening the Radio. 102(65.38) were aware about the infertility/childcare/ family planning and public health because of the continuous efforts of the government welfare schemes and the tireless work of the public health workers

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