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Smart Classes and Libraries in E-Learning Environment

Akash Kumar Singh


Computer and internet has changed the procedure and patterns of library and education today, everyone can obtain Education/ Knowledge/ Information, anywhere, any time. Today educational institutions and libraries are embracing it with rapid speed across the globe. In our country, traditional education and traditional library services is unable to provide education and services according to learners/ users need, “one size fits all” is commonly used in tradition. .E-learning has been experiencing a growth spurt over the last 10-11 years and is rapidly growing as an acceptable way of education. Libraries, which are considered the backbone of any institutions, are playing their important role in providing needed information to its users since their inception. Earlier we were having printed documents, especially the books to cater the needs of users but with the passage of time, we are moving towards paper-less society and now we have digital libraries. Digital libraries, whether they are online or offline, provide quick and relevant information access to their users. Thus, the role of libraries has become more important in e-learning environment. This paper is attempting to discuss the importance and the role of libraries in e-learning environment.

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