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Newspapers Reading Habits of the Academicians: A Case Study

Shiv Singh, Reena Mishra


The one of the good habit considered from the time of ancestors is the reading habit. It means to have a passion to read anything for the joy, general knowledge, subject knowledge etc. This can be done from the various sources like subject books, General Knowledge books, magazines, novels, internet etc. But still among all the resources, the newspapers are preferred by the most of the people of all the ages. As newspaper is primary key source of information and most of us need the newspaper with bed tea, but the present era faces a harsh tug of war between custom and modern picture of accessing newspaper. The present study makes an attempt to know various points of view about the uses of online newspaper and reading habits of the academicians. On the grounds of questionnaire survey the study revealed that although the most of the targeted users prefers online newspaper but still there are some users who enjoy the print news paper because of the comfort level of it. The study is done in terms of frequency of reading newspaper, time spent daily, type and language of the news paper preferred, preferred place for reading the paper, difficulties faced in reading the newspaper etc.

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