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Leadership Competencies for Librarians

Asha Narang, Jatinder Kumar


The development of informational infrastructure of a library is done, keeping in view the user’s requirements. The responsibilities, duties and skills to manage resources, services and personnel, determine the leadership competency of librarians.In current technologically advanced information age, the role of librarians becomes more important and challenging, as they are expected to develop and manage hybrid libraries, following user-centric approach. Considering the management of varied informational needs of patrons and emerging technologies in libraries, there is a great demand of skilled library professionals. This has been observed that current trend of library science practices in India moving the professionals towards steeped managerialism instead of dynamic leadership. Such approaches disallow the professionals to be more innovative, creative and culturally effective leaders. The current article identifies and addresses some of the potentials required for librarians to convert them from managers to leaders. The article aims to inspire young library professionals to transform themselves with help of managerial traits and succeed professionally.

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