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Bibliometric analysis of Journal of Biosciences during the year 1979 - 2015

Vinod Purushottam Ghar, Sunil H. Urkudkar


The paper brings out the results of a bibliometric analysis of the journal for the period from 1979 to 2015. The data were downloaded from the journal's website. This study aims at analyzing the research output performance of all areas of Biology which is the premier journal in the country within its scope. The analysis cover mainly thenumber of citations in the journal,Distribution of article, Authorship pattern of cited reference, Age of cited references etc. All the studies point towards themerits and weakness of the journal which will be helpful for its further development.The result showed that Journal published total 2157 research papers during the period of study i.e. from 1979 to 2015. The result showed that maximum number of citations 3988 (5.67 %) produced in 2007. Study reveals that on analyzing the extent of collaborations, it was found that the maximum (20390) 28.99% citations involved two authors.

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