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A study of reading habits and lifestyle changes during Covid-19 pandemic

Sangeeta Dhamdhere-Rao, Ellah Twaambo, GVP Rao


Reading makes a person a better person. The study was based on investigating the reading habits of people during the corona virus pandemic. During Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, libraries were closed and therefore visiting libraries and reading books and other material was merely a dream for a common man. Few academic and research libraries were providing access to their online resources but public libraries were completely closed. Book lovers were not in a position to buy books from the market or online as only essential services were allowed. In this paper the authors have carried out one survey to study the reading habits of people and lifestyle changes during pandemic and how they were updating and coping up with it. The findings of the study were that most people especially the working class who this study was mainly comprised of engaged in reading a lot. They also engaged in other activities like washing, exercising and cooking .Therefore, peoples reading culture during the corona lockdown was given much attention.

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