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An Empirical Study of Effect of Job Related Attitude on the Performance of Librarians Universities

Onwubiko, Emmanuel Chidiadi


The library as an institution has a sole social responsibility which is to satisfy the information needs of her teeming customers. To this end, librarians’ performance is very crucial towards achieving this purpose and providing other library services. In this context, the role of librarians of any sort is very paramount in satisfying the information needs of these users. Given the nature of work, the degree of stress, poor working environment and the working hours that the human capital of university library have; studying factors that have an impact on their job attitude becomes a necessity for the library management. Generally, performance of librarians is influenced by Job related attitudes like satisfaction, leadership, work commitment and job involvement. Employee performance is the summation of commitment and involvement towards their organization and its value. An employee with positive attitude is well aware about the dynamics of business, can fine tune to organisational environment, leading to a holistic development in the performance and productivity of the entire organization. Keeping these facets as background, this research paper investigates the impact and factors that lead to better productivity of librarians. An empirical investigation was carried out to identify the factors that have bearing on work attitudes Standardized questionnaires of the Likert attitude testing known as Summated Ratings were used for this study. Statistically the information was tested and validated. P test, F test, correlation and regression showed a significant relationship between the attitudes of librarians and performances. This study suggested some human resource development policies in libraries that can create more positive attitude on librarians.

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