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The Effect of Understanding on Business Management on Enterpreneurship Interest of Students in PPK FKIP

Ma'rufi, M. Iyas, A. Anas, R. Y. I. Yunus


This study aimed to investigate the effect of the understanding of business management on students' interest in entrepreneurship. Data collection procedure in this study utilized test about understanding on business management and instrument measuring the interest on entrepreneurship distributed to 308 students as research samples from departments of Mathematics Education, Indonesian and Literature Education, Biology Education, English Education, Civic Education, and Elementary School Teacher Study Program of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, The University of Cokroaminoto Palopo. The descriptive analysis showed students' understanding of business management in the medium category. Their interest in entrepreneurship was also still in the low category. Hypothesis testing indicated that the understanding of business management showed a significant effect on students' interest in entrepreneurship.

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