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Staffing of Polytechnic Libraries for Provision of Library Services in Rivers State

E. P. Lulu-Pokubo


It has been observed that many polytechnic authorities are so relaxed over adequate staffing of the libraries, except towards accreditation exercises. This unhealthy situation provides an important background for undertaking a research on staffing and provision of library services. This study therefore investigated staffing of polytechnic libraries for provision of library services in Rivers State, Nigeria. Five research questions and one null hypothesis guided the study. The study adopted survey design. The entire population of the study consisted the sample size which comprised of 18 library staff. Rating scale was used as instrument for data collection. Mean score and correlation coefficient were used in answering the research questions while t-test statistics was used in testing the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. Result revealed that there is a significant relationship between adequate staffing and library services. It was further found that the library does not have adequate staff and provides limited services. The study further revealed that poor maintenance culture, inadequate funding, lack of awareness of library services were challenges faced by the library. It was recommended that professional and para-professional should be employed in the library in order to provide effective services, non-professional should be encouraged to take a course on librarianship since they found themselves working in the library.

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