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Assessing the Library and Information Services for Strengthening Agricultural Information Delivery System: A Case Study on NARS Libraries

Susmita Das, Rajesh Kumar Das, Paritosh Mondal


The investigator evaluates the present information services of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) libraries in Bangladesh. Agricultural development is dependent to some extent on scientific services provided by NARS library and information professionals. The present study is a case study in nature. Judgmental random sampling was used to collect the data from the library professionals and staff and library users. Two sets of semi-structured questionnaire were distributed among them. Besides, field visit, interviews and FGDs were employed in the study to find the qualitative results. The existing facilities, strength, and weakness of agricultural information services are identified in the study. The survey result indicates that the respondents desire for improving the quality of information services in the NARS libraries and information center. The study ended with recommendations for making the libraries digitally automated having ample internet facilities.

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