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Trends in the Growth and Research in India in the Field of Breast Cancer: A Bibliometric Analysis

J. Ramakrishnan, G. Ravi Sankar, K. Thavamani


This paper, an attempt has been made to identify the publication growth and research in India on “Breast Cancer” literature. The data covered in the bibliographic database namely MEDLINE which covered in Pubmed were retrieved for this study. The literature output in the field of Breast Cancer covered in the database for the period 1965-2014 was considered. There are 6427 records on Breast Cancer literature. It is identified that 2.6% of the Indian records on Breast Cancer are covered in the study period. Maximum number of records was published during the year 2012. The RGR by year wise revealed a decreased trend and the Doubling Time (Dt) has shown increased trend when calculated by year wise except few years. A total of 167 Indian records were identified. The data reveals that Indian efforts in Breast Cancer research are greater in 27 years out of 50 years of study.

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