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A Study on User Centric Approach of Online Data Collection: a way to improve quality in library services Practical Perspective

Anand S. Gawadekar, Manisha R. Tiwari


The goal of this user centric approach is to observe how Collaborative Web-Based Environments (CWBEs) of data collection, improve the quality of library services by means of library professional’s teamwork skills, and technosavey approach for the use of CWBEs and the use of modern era’s tools and technologies, particularly online data collection. Online data collection model was developed for collection of data of library users to improve the quality of library services, reduce the cost and save the time of library trinity. In this paper, authors described the important of online data collection and how it’s helpful for the creation of user centric environment. Authors utilized Google form, which is free and user friendly tools for the collection of data. These forms play a key role for the collection of data for library users and library staff. Among a sample of 4153 entries are collected from students, faculty members and library staff by using the tool of Google form, from various library forms. Results shed light on two aspects which improve teamwork performance: 1) the functionality of CWBEs and 2) the ability and motivation of students, faculty and library staff in these environments.

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