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A Scientometric Evaluation of Research on Neutrino Physics

R. Santha Kumar


This paper attempts to highlight the growth and development of neutrino physics literature and make the quantitative and qualitative assessment of research output based on Web of Science database. A total of 5992 publications were published on neutrino physics, which received 163745 citations during 1989-2014. The average number of publications per year was 230.46 and the average number of citations per publication was 27.33. The publications peaked in 2013 in 430 and the highest number of citations 14582 was received in 2013. USA had the highest share (34.3%) of publications and (61.24%) citations followed Germany with (18.89%) publications and (35.32%) citations. Finland had the highest Publication Efficiency Index (1141.60%) followed by Sweden with (738.37%). The average value of collaboration coefficient for neutrino physics is 0.56. Physical Review D accounts for the largest share 962 (16.05%) of publications in the total worldwide output on neutrino physics which received 35177 citations and 36.57 citations per publication. More than 99% of the publications appeared in English language.

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