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Collection Evaluation of Aided Arts and Science College Libraries in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University: An Analytical Study



The study presents the results of a survey of eleven out of thirty two aided arts and science college libraries in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. Higher academic institutions are having the responsibility to equip India for the information dominated twenty first century. If we want to get these academic libraries effectively and efficiently, we have to have a good quantitative and qualitative collection of documents. Evaluation should be made in terms of costs, effectiveness and benefits. The benefits of collection evaluation are the desired outcome of the implementation of collection development policies and procedures. The aim of this study is, to compare the aided arts and science college libraries financial status, the availability of book collections, books per capita, expenditure per capita, compare the collection of non-book materials and to suggest suitable policies. The survey covers a period of five years alone. The general impression is that the aided arts and science college libraries have been growing from day to day. These college libraries are unable to meet the needs of the members.

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