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An Assessment of the Use of Internet Search Engines in an Academic Environment

Opene S. Ozonuwe, Humphrey O. Nwaogu, Goodluck Ifijeh, Michael Fagbohun


The internet is often referred to as the information superhighway. Users often utilize the resources available on the internet mostly through search engines. This study therefore evaluated the use of internet search engines amongst students and staff of a Nigerian University.

Questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. 290 questionnaires were administered, out of which 230 were completed and returned. The findings show that there is awareness of internet search engines and online resources among students and staff of the University. Information overload, inadequate internet search skills and low internet bandwidth were found to be the major challenges affecting the use of the internet and search engines in the University.
Lastly, from the findings of the study, recommendations were made which include the fact that
libraries and librarians should stop viewing the internet and search engines as threats that have come to take over their jobs. Instead, they should view search engines as complementary to their jobs. So they should organize more indepth search skill trainings for their users. University authorities should work at increasing internet bandwidth among others.

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